Prepping to Sell in the Fall: Experts Weigh-In

Thank you to Mike Cahill at Redfin for reaching out to us for collaboration on this article. You can find more informative articles written by Mike at While the spring is typically known as peak real estate season, that doesn’t mean that you can’t sell your home (at a profit) during other times of the year - including Fall. As colder weather approaches, the fall is a perfect time for homeowners who are trying to sell to consider taking steps to prepare their homes for potential buyers. Unfortunately, sometimes homeowners overlook minor issues causing buyers to walk away due to a small flaw that could have been resolved had the seller known what to look for. That’s why we consulted

Should I get an indoor air quality test with my home inspection?

Something that has gained more attention in recent years in regards to home ownership is mold and the quality of the air inside -- rather than outside -- the home. Perhaps this is because people are spending more and more time inside their homes and are better able to recognize the importance of breathing clean, toxin-free air. Or, perhaps it is because we simply have access to more (and better) information today when it comes to air pollution, air quality, and the health effects that result from indoor air pollution. Whatever the reason, an important consideration when buying a home -- regardless of its age -- is the quality of the indoor air. What are the benefits of an Indoor Air Quali

All About Toilet Wax Rings -- And most importantly, why do they fail?

Most seasoned homeowners who enjoy a good DIY project around the house will recognize the toilet wax ring pictured above. This seemingly simple plumbing part serves a very important job in your home -- that is, keeping everything you flush down your toilet from ending up on your bathroom floor! In other words, it helps ensure that all sewage stays where it belongs and makes its way to your local sewage plant. Additionally, a toilet's wax ring helps to keep nasty odors from sewer gas out of your bathroom. It is essentially an inexpensive soft wax ring that is mounted on the bottom of your toilet and connects the toilet to the flange that is attached to the waste line in the floor. Types o



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