What is the one very important thing buyers tend to overlook when purchasing a home?

In analyzing home buying trends and buyer behavior, one thing is readily apparent. The one very important thing buyers tend to overlook when looking for and choosing a home to purchase is -- you guessed it! -- location, location, location. Location is so important, but it's easy to get bogged down with other details, such as the size and features of the house, in your home shopping adventure. A home's location is important for many reasons. First, it's important that you really, truly get to know an area or neighborhood before purchasing one of its homes. While it is helpful to do a preliminary search of an area -- for example, researching its school district and the distance to nearby r

Furnace Filter FAQs

Well, folks, it's that time of year again... Bonfires, pumpkin spice lattes, colder temperatures, and -- you guessed it! -- a trip to your local home improvement store to stock up on new furnace filters for the upcoming Winter season. Although it's important to change your filter regularly (generally monthly) throughout the entire year, it's especially vital once we get into colder months when your furnace will be running around the clock. You might wonder why it's so important to keep tabs on the age and condition of your furnace filter. In other words, what are the benefits of changing it out for a new one every month or two? Well, for starters, it will go a long way towards improving

All About Building Permits...

When thinking about building a house (or making renovations to a current home), one thing that many prospective or current home owners fail to consider is whether or not they will need building permits from their county or city before embarking on a project. For starters, what exactly is a building permit? A building permit is essentially a document from the city or county where the home resides that gives authorization, or permission, for the project's initiation. It ensures that homeowners and/or contractors comply with local building, construction, and zoning codes while completing the work in the safest manner possible. Each county and/or city across the country has its own local buil

What's NOT included in a home inspection?

The process of buying a home can be stressful -- and oftentimes confusing! -- for potential home owners, and one area that many have unanswered questions is that of the home inspection. For example, what is the purpose of a home inspection? What is covered in an inspection, and what is not? These are all great questions and important ones to ask before you enter into the home buying process! First and foremost, what is the purpose of a home inspection, and what exactly will an inspector look for when checking out your dream home? A home inspection is conducted by a certified home inspector and typically takes about two to four hours, depending on the size and age of the home. The inspec

Household Dangers 101 -- Tips for Homeowners

Electrical Issues One of the greatest safety hazards lurking in homes today is electrical issues stemming from improper and unsafe wiring. This often becomes an issue when homeowners attempt to do DIY electrical projects around the house without having the proper experience and expertise. Other potential sources of electrical issues are faulty outlets, bare/exposed electrical wires, and problems with the home's circuit breaker. Fire Hazards Most homeowners rarely give any thought to house fires, but believe it or not, their homes likely contain more than one potential fire hazard. Check the following list for things to be aware of when doing your periodic maintenance and safety checks ar



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