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Client Protection

Thank you for choosing Mejaro Inspection Services to handle your property inspection; we have negotiated for you a complimentary 30-day home warranty trial to start on the closing date. After the trial, you can opt to continue coverage for a low monthly fee.

Once we complete the inspection, we will send you the instructions on activating the home warranty. Rest assured that you’ll be covered if something breaks down when you purchase your new home.

Included in the free 30-day home warranty are many great benefits from Guard Home


NO AGE RESTRICTIONS on systems and appliances
✔ No service claim fee due unless the claim is approved
✔ $25,000 in aggregate savings per contract term
✔ Simple, easy to use, online claims portal available day or night
✔ Top-notch customer service to help with your claim needs
✔ You can choose their contractor
✔ Low monthly payments available

Click here to sign up for your free trial.


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