Mejaro Inspection Services wants to be your Home Inspector. We take pride in our work as your inspector and want to share our dedication to our work with families and homeowners all over the south-central Indiana region. We exceed the standard inspection by offering each homeowner more than just an inspection. We give our clients value-added services beyond the industry standard. That starts with our 90 Day Warranty which is free to every inspection client.


Mejaro is an active community member, we love Indiana University Athletics, and want homeowners to make the most of their investment right from the start. We know how important it is to have a home that is safe and healthy for the family and loved ones. A safe and healthy home starts with a quality home inspection.  

Did you know that as one of our clients you can also have an 18-month warranty? Most cover the home for only 12 months. For using Mejaro Inspection Services, our partner with RWS can help you maximize your home warranty purchase and extend the coverage to 18 months! Click here for more information.


90 Day Warranty



5 Year Platinum Roof Protection

Full Concierge Service


NXT Structural

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