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From your local Roto-Rooter... simple plumbing jobs for any new homeowner to tackle

Buying a home gives you a lot of freedom to remodel, decorate and add on to the building as you please. At the same time, homeownership carries a lot of responsibilities with it that will be probably new to you if you have only ever rented or lived in someone else's domicile. Having to take care of your plumbing system is probably one of the biggest changes.

Sometimes, you'll run into an issue - like a broken sewer line or damaged pipes - that will require prompt assistance from a licensed plumber. However, there are many situations in which you can likely fix things up yourself. Let's look at one of them - fridge water supply hookup - in more detail.

1) Begin connecting fridge to water supply

If you need to set up a refrigerator that has an ice maker and/or drink dispenser, you'll have to tap into the nearest cold water supply. Usually this is a pipe under the sink, behind the wall or under the floor. Once you've found it, be mindful of any nearby electrical wiring or air ducts if you must clear a path to it by drilling.

2) Install copper tubing

Calculate how much 0.25-inch outside diameter flexible copper tubing you'll need for the connection. Keep a few feet extra so you can coil it behind the refrigerator so that it can be pulled out during service and repair. Avoid running it near cabinets or drawers so that it doesn't get crushed.

3) Settle on a connection type

Most of the time, the best approach here is to solder in a 0.5-inch tee in a removed section of the cold water supply pipe. This tee could be made of copper, PVC or steel, depending on what the original pipe consists of. Alternatives are to do a solder-free compression tee or to purchase a kit that contains a saddle valve for connecting the fridge and cold water supply.

4) Check for leaks

Once you have everything hooked up, look for leaks in the fridge and pipes. Unsecured pipes can result in a clogged or broken ice maker, or in water backups around the house. If you hit an impasse in this process, call a professional plumber to get further assistance in connecting your water supply to your refrigerator.

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