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Winter home inspections can be challenging...

How to Ensure Your Winter Home Inspection is Successful

If you're looking to purchase a home this winter, it's important that you have the home professionally inspected before signing any paperwork. This important step in the home buying process will help reduce the number of surprises you encounter after moving in.

The Importance of a Home Inspection

A home inspection may seem like a waste of money for some home buyers, but it is actually very important. A third party professional should take care of the inspection in order to give you an accurate and unbiased report of the condition of the home. They will be able to catch issues that will need repair so that you're not tricked into buying a property in dire need of work. Some repairs may be small while others may require a large investment. Having this information will help you make a more informed decision and even negotiate the final purchasing price.

Difficulties of a Winter Home Inspection

During the winter, a home inspection may be harder to perform as thoroughly when compared to other seasons. Winter weather, including snow, rain, and ice, can make certain areas of the home harder to access and even impossible to inspect. Take the roof as an example. A snow or ice covered roof won't be able to be assessed by an inspector because of the danger it poses. Other areas that may be difficult to assess thoroughly include walkways, pipes, and the air conditioning unit. Although these areas may be harder to assess, a home inspection should still be performed.

How to Get Around the Difficulties

Don't be discouraged by the season; there are other ways to make a smart purchase. Take the roof as an example again. Although the inspector won't be able to check the condition of a snow covered roof, leaks will be easier to detect during this season. Simply look for wet areas on the ceiling or leaks when touring the inside of the home. If there is an appliance or area that can't be accessed, ask the sellers questions about the age of the item and the repairs it has needed. You can also set up an extra budget to take care of hidden issues that may become more visible later on.

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