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Roto-Rooter explains when you'll know it's time to call for a septic pumping service

Five Signs It's Time to Call Your

Septic Pumping Service

It's a fact of life: If you own a septic tank, you'll have to clean it at some point, as proper maintenance is key for making sure your septic tank and everything else in your home runs the way it's supposed to. Make sure you pump your septic tank once every few years. If you don't clean it regularly and instead leave it to its own devices for decades,

you could have an expensive problem on your hands when you finally do decide to have it cleaned out.

When should you call your septic pumping service? Here are five signs you should watch out for:

1. Has it been two or three years since the last time the tank was pumped?

A good rule of thumb when it comes to having your septic tank pumped is to determine a baseline for how often you want to clean it out. Depending on how large your tank is, how many people live in your household and how old your septic tank is, there could be different protocols for how often you need to pump it.

2. Will you have a lot of visitors in the very near future?

If you're anticipating heavy septic system usage for an extended period of time, and your tank hasn't been pumped in a while, it may be a good idea to go ahead and have it cleaned out in order to prepare for the heavier influx of sewage.

3. Do you suspect tree roots are clogging your Drainage tile lateral lines?

It's important that you make sure any trees on your property aren't causing mayhem underground. Tree roots are a leading cause of pipe blockages, and your septic tank is no exception. You should call a professional to help you determine whether trees will affect the sewage system.

4. Does your lawn have a bad odor?

If your septic system is failing, you'll know it. Pay attention to how the lawn smells – if you haven't cleaned the tank out in a while, your lateral field may become overwhelmed, spewing nasty gases into the air.

5. Is your yard wet, even though it hasn't rained?

Look for soggy patches of grass and even standing water, as well. This could be an indication that a septic system overflow or failure has occurred.

These are all signs that you should contact a plumbing expert sooner rather than later.

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