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Phew! It's Hot in Here!

Now that the rainy season is over, at least we hope it is, it's time to prepare for the heat of a Midwest summer.

Attic ventilation is imperative to the good health of your home. Not only does ventilation help remove harmful moisture, (we're talking mold an mildew, people), proper ventilation can also reduce your electric bill. Who doesn't want to save some money?!

Need another reason reason to have proper ventilation in your attic? How about extending the life of your roof? Yep, you read it here. Proper ventilation can help keep your roof in good working order. Poorly ventilated attics cause the underlayment and shingles to heat up, which compromises the integrity of the roof, which in turn causes you to have to replace it prematurely.

So, do yourslef and your home a solid, have your attic

inspected to make sure you ahve the proper ventilation in place.

Call Mejaro today with any questions you may have or to schedule your home inspection. 888-400-2740 or here

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