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Get Your Ducts in a Row

No one likes sweaty ducts. We're not talking about the sweat ducts in your body, those are very beneficial to us, even if we don't want people to see us sweat. We are, in fact, talking about the ducts in your home. Sweaty ducts. Anyone else hearing that in your head as Pete Schweddy (Alec Baldwin) describing sweaty ducts? Just me? Alrighty then.

If you slept through high school science, let me briefly refresh how condensation works for you. The air we breath has water droplets, known as water vapor. When the water vapor becomes too saturated, we get humidity. That warm, damp air hits the cooler items and we get sweaty everything (aka condensation). Houses, axilas, feet, windows and even ducts. Why is this such a problem, you ask? Thank you for asking. 

Sweating ducts mean there is condensation, which is water, and at some

point, that water is going to drip. Water that drips on to insulation causes that insulation to compact making its R-value decrease, or less likely to insulate properly. If the condensation from your sweating ducts drips on to your ceiling, this could cause a leak and if not addressed properly, can cause mold to grow. Yep, that nasty mold. 

Good news! Not all hope is lost. There are a couple of ways to prevent and treat condensation on your duct work.

First of all, maybe you need to add insulation to your attic. When installed properly, insulation will reduce or even eliminate condensation on your ducts. 

A second issue can be air vents. In order to ensure there is enough air flow in your attic and crawl space, make certain there are vents, clear of debris and not sealed in any way. This keeps the air moving and from becoming stagnant, causing condensation on duct work and causing mold to thrive.

Another way to help keep your ducts from sweating all over the place is to install a whole house dehumidifier. If that is not a feasible resolution, a room dehumidifier works wonders as well. A dehumidifier, whole house or room, will keep the moisture in your home at healthy levels year-round, improving overall indoor air quality.

Or, final resort, you can just move away from the Mid-West.

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