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5-point Inspection vs. Buyers Inspection

So, you're planning on selling your home within the next year. You slap on a new coat of paint, clean up the landscaping, maybe even update some areas of the home or install new fixtures. You've had the realtor help you price your home accordingly. Things are looking great! All you have to do is wait for the showings to roll in.

The first offer comes in, maybe above the asking price. What?! The buyers schedule a home inspection. Nothing could go wrong, right? You've maintained your home through the years. You are confident all will go well. Then, bam! The inspection report looks like you have neglected your home for eons!! Your foundation has settled drastically. Your water heater is leaking. There is mold in the attic from an improperly installed bathroom vent. Mold in the crawl from poor drainage around the foundation. Now, the buyer wants you to fix these issues or they will walk. And, you don't have months to finish the repairs/fixes. The new buyers want to move in within the month.

Do you take the house off the market? Fix the items? Give the buyers a concession, thus losing money on the transaction? How could this have been avoided?

Understanding no house is perfect is the first step of selling your home. We often think we have done everything to keep our homes in working order. We change the filters, have appliances serviced, and make sure to fix noticeable issues. Unfortunately, we can't see everything or don't know what may be considered a big concern.

Hiring a licensed home inspector would have alleviated unknown big-ticket item issues. Mejaro offers two types of inspections for home sellers.

A full home inspection is just that. Our inspector(s) will go through your home as if working for the buyer and inspect every visible nook and cranny. They will check every window, door, accessible outlets, review all appliances, look for cracks around doors and windows that need to be patched, test every water fixture. You get the idea. A full home inspection will also cover the items such as the roof/attic space, crawl, foundation, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical.

If you don't want to spend the money for a full home inspection and only want to get the big- ticket highlights, a 5-point inspection may be just right for you. In this inspection, the inspector(s) will inspect the five major components of the home. These are roof/attic, electrical panel, HVAC, water heater, and foundation. The main reason to have these five items inspected is to reduce stress during the selling process. These items typically cost more to repair and may take longer to schedule and finish on time.

Either way, the benefits of having your home inspected before selling outweigh the costs. Another benefit is you will build goodwill and trust with the buyers. We recommend showing them the inspection report along with any repair receipts. After having an inspection, you can be assured your house is priced accurately.

If you have questions on which inspection is right for you, we can help guide you. Call us today at 888.400.2740. We are always happy to answer questions.


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