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DIY Common Issues Found During Home Inspections

Good news - some of the issues found on your home inspection report are minor repairs that can be done by you over a weekend. The following is a list of common issues seen throughout the home inspection world that can be addressed by the newest of homeowners. Nearly every home inspected has at least one of these issues listed in the report.

Missing Smoke Alarms and CO Detectors

Typically, you can see where a smoke alarm/CO detector once lived in a home, but the hardware is mysteriously missing. With a trip to the local hardware store and a step ladder, you can easily mount a new alarm in your home. Or, it could be as simple as a missing battery. For as little as $30, and sore shoulders, you can install a working alarm/detector.

Deficient Outlets or Switches

This could be something as simple as a missing cover plate, or a little more involved such as a loose outlet. If you are a more daring weekend warrior, changing out a faulty GFCI may be right up your alley. Cover plates cost anywhere from $.50 to $30 (check out these cool outlet plates with a night light).

Drippy or Clogged Faucets

A clogged faucet or showerhead simply needs a good soak in a bowl of vinegar. Dripping water sources may be from loose connections or a leaky gasket. Tightening the connection will eliminate the drip. However, if it's time for an upgrade, a new faucet can be tackled by DIYers, or call a pro.

Wibbley, Wobbley Throne

There are many reasons the commode may be a-rockin'. A loose or broken flange bolt, a damaged wax seal, or an uneven floor can all be issues causing the teetering and tottering. And, these are all things you can fix yourself! Flanges are the bolts that connect the john to the floor. It's easy enough to check these to see if they just need tightening or replaced. Wax seals deteriorate over time. This will be a little more involved than tightening flange bolts but can be done. In the event you have damaged floors under the toilet, use shims as a temporary fix until you can get a proper repair person to fix the flooring.

Misaligned Doors

A misaligned door means that shutting a door requires a little more elbow grease than it should. It can also mean you are allowing outside air into the home and inside air escapes to the outside. Hello, high utility bill. The mounting hardware, i.e. hinges, may need adjusting or the door itself may need to be planed down.

Missing: Exterior Caulking

Most commonly found around windows, caulking keeps air from escaping the home. A steady hand and a caulking gun make for some easy work on this project. Just make sure to match the color of the caulk with the window frames. Nothing more garish than caulking that clashes with the windows and siding.


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