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Earth Month: Planting Native Landscaping in Your New Home

For over 50 years, April has been known to Americans as Earth Month. In 1962, Rachel Carson, a marine biologist, and conservationist wrote Silent Spring. The publication opened many eyes to the dangers of the misuse of chemical pesticides and spurred the environmental conservation movement. In 1969, after a massive oil spill off the coast of Santa Barbara, California, Senator Gaylord Nelson from Wisconsin, along with Congressman Peter McCloskey, launched 'teach-ins' at college campuses across the US. They changed the movement name to Earth Day in 1970.

Now that you have moved into your new home and are looking to spruce up the outside, take a look at the many stunning plants that are native to Indiana. Not only will you be helping the Earth, you will be saving yourself some money in the process.

Indigenous plants have proven throughout the years that they can withstand the climate of Hoosierland. While we may have to fly away from the cold of the winter or the humidity of the summer, native plants thrive in the extremes. Native plants provide food and resources to the wildlife and make gardening a breeze. They also help filter stormwater runoff into the rivers and streams.

If you are thinking that you have to transform your entire front yard into an oasis for the critters in your neighborhood, you don't! In fact, native plants combine beautifully with some non-native, non-invasive plants from other parts of the world. And, for those of you worried that native plants may not be as showy as some of the other common landscaping plants used, take a look at these beauties.

Just look at all those gorgeous indigenous plants! There are so many varieties of perennials to add to your landscape for a pop of color and textures for any landscape design. Columbines, blue-eyed grass, Spiderwort, Culver's root, Penstemon, sundrops - just to name a few.

Whether you are moving into your first home, sprucing up your forever home, or planning to downsize to your retirement home, this Earth Day, April 22nd, dig out your gardening gloves and spade, plan to get dirty, and add some eye-catching curb appeal to your home. Then sit back with a tall glass of lemonade, or whatever you prefer, and watch all your hard work come alive.


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