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Firewall Issues Found During Home Inspections

Firewall deficiencies may be identified during a home inspection and are a serious safety concern. Firewalls are designed to prevent the spread of fire between different areas of a building, which can help contain a fire and prevent it from causing extensive damage.

During a home inspection, the inspector may look for several potential firewall deficiencies, including:

  • Gaps or penetrations: Any gaps or penetrations in the firewall can allow flames, smoke, and heat to spread between different home areas.

  • Missing or inadequate fire-rated materials: The firewall must be constructed of fire-rated materials designed to resist fire and prevent it from spreading. The firewall's effectiveness can be compromised if these materials are missing or inadequate.

  • Poorly installed or damaged materials: Even if the firewall materials are present, they must be properly installed and in good condition to be effective. Any damage or improper installation can compromise the firewall's effectiveness.

  • Improperly sealed penetrations: Any penetrations in the firewall, such as plumbing or electrical lines, must be sealed appropriately with fire-rated materials to prevent the spread of fire.

  • Inadequate firestops: Firestops are designed to fill any gaps or openings in the firewall, and they must be properly installed and in good condition to be effective.

If firewall deficiencies are identified during a home inspection, they should be addressed promptly by a licensed contractor. Depending on the severity of the deficiencies, bringing the home up to code may be necessary by installing new firewall materials or making other repairs. | 888.400.2740


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