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How to Read Your Home Inspection Report

Receiving your home inspection report can be incredibly overwhelming. Especially if it's the same size as a novella. Don't let the number of pages or items inspected freak you out. We have a guided tour on how to read a Mejaro Inspection Services report.

The Summary

This page tells you how many items were inspected, what major concerns were found, and what needs to be repaired or upgraded. This report is not looking too shabby! On the left side, you can see the breakdown of categories that were inspected. These are also clickable links to take you directly to these areas if you don't enjoy scrolling.

Inspection Details

There are two parts to this section: Information and Limitations.

The section under information lists who was present during the inspection, weather conditions and temperature, if the property was occupied or vacant, and the style of the home. '

When you click on the limitations tab, you will see the following screen, which gives you any limitations that could affect the inspection. This is fairly standard across the home inspection industry..


The next sections are going to give you in-depth detail about specific areas of the inspection. Each of these sections has 3 - 4 subsections about the item(s) inspected.

1. Overview - Here you will see a grid of each item inspected in the specific category.

The overview is simply a quick summary of what was inspected and if it was defective. On the right, you can see columns with the headers IN, NI, NP, and D. An x under each header means it was IN (Inspected), NI (Not Inspected), NP (Not Present), and/or D (Defective). You will also see pictures of the system inspected here.

Click on the pictures to zoom in, or to show all the pictures in that subsection.

2. Information - This section will show you what was visually present at the time of the inspection and the materials of each component.

3. Standards - This section will explain the standards of the home inspection industry and what is inspected for each category.

4. Limitations - This subsection, if present, will explain why a component was not inspected. In the case of a roof, it will often be that the weather prevents the inspector from getting onto the structure because of snow, ice, or rain, or keeps them from using the drone (winds, rain).

In this screenshot, you can see the Cooling System limitations. Because the weather was too low, the AC was not turned on. Turning on the AC when temperatures fall below 65 could damage the coil.

So, in a nutshell, that is the inspection report from Mejaro Inspection Services. And, as always, if you have questions about items on the report, please give us a call. Our inspectors expect questions and are always happy to answer them.


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