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Make The Most of Your Square Footage

Moving into your first home? You’re probably wondering how to make the most of your square footage. Who doesn’t, right? Take a cue from the experts and look under, over and inside to find a home for everything.

  • First, start with the basics and Marie Kondo your way to domestic bliss. Before moving day, go through your belongings. Are there items no longer serve you? Clutter can be mentally draining. Before you move into your new home, donate, pass on or throw out anything that’s weighing you down. Whatever you do, get down to the basics. You won’t have to find space for or organize what you don’t have!

  • Once you have prioritized, then it’s time to find a home for the essentials — and that means thinking out of the box. In smaller homes or rooms, sometimes using the wall height available is helpful. Otherwise, this space goes to waste. Enter organization solutions — opt for ones with hooks, small baskets, bins and shelves … and voila … you instantly have newfound room!

  • Buy new furniture strategically. Look for furniture that doesn’t gobble space in a room and if possible, has space to store objects in it. Dual-purpose furniture can help provide more storage space and can help make sure your room doesn’t look cluttered.

  • Don’t be afraid to transform an ordinary furniture piece and give it a double life as a storage solution. For example, you could take an ottoman and store shoes and other items in it. Bunkbeds are also another space-saving option for kids’ rooms. Plus they are great for sleepovers. To further lower your environmental impact, purchase these items used at shift stores, estate sales or off Facebook Marketplace. You can find some deals on one-of-a-kind items to make your house a home.

  • Don’t let corners sit under-appreciated and unused. Is there a creative way you can use that space?

Bottom line: Clutter is no friend. But with some time and attention, you can make your space more livable. If you find that the process is too laborious, you can always call the local experts, Consider It Done.


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