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Working Together: Realtors and Home Inspectors

The relationship between a Realtor and a home inspector can be a contentious one at times. You have likely heard of Realtors claiming home inspectors killed a deal. On the other side, home inspectors grumble that Realtors do not prepare their clients (sellers in particular) for the inspection. And the communication, well, can be a little hard to come by at times.

However, when a home inspector and Realtor have trust in and understand each other, the results are fabulous!

If we put the relationship into sports terms, you are the owner of the team and your agent is your coach. They guide you through the process of selling or buying your home. As your selling agent, they will coach you on how to present your home for selling, schedule the showings, and facilitate the closing. As your buying agent, they will search for homes that meet your needs and desires as well as the other aspects of the purchasing process. When it comes time for the inspection, they should give you a list of local inspectors.

Your home inspector is your catcher giving you expert and objective information about the house. The inspector passes along the report to you and your agent so you can make an informed decision together. A home inspector will not tell you whether or not to purchase a home. That is not in the scope of their expertise.

Once the report has been distributed, you and your agent will sit down and discuss the issues and what to include in the inspection response. A seasoned agent will likely have seen many issues that go along with houses in the area. However, there may be times they will be stumped.

This is when your home inspector can step up to bat. A good home inspector is not going to leave you high and dry after publishing the report. They will answer any questions that arise from the inspection report to help you and your agent better understand an issue. A great home inspector will make themselves available even after you have moved into the new home and have concerns.

Even though you are the one who makes the final decision when purchasing your home, you should consult with your agent. Each buyer is different when it comes to making repairs. Some will jump at the chance to do it all. Others have people to do that for them. Whichever category you fall into, use your team to help guide you to the right decision.

Make sure you have vetted your coach and catcher. If you are not comfortable with either one, look for a new pick. This is the biggest decision you will likely make for a very long time.


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